Chapter 7 {Wedding Season}

Have you ever been invited to too many weddings where you had to RSVP “Not Attending” only because you couldn’t afford making it to all of them? Have you ever felt like you had to choose between 2 friends because you can only afford going to one of their weddings? Which friend do I like more? Oh My!

Every summer is wedding season, the more people you know, and the higher is the chance you’ll be invited to more than one wedding every year, around the same time!

You might be wondering how can someone not afford going to a wedding right? Well when one of them is in Sicily, the other in Mykonos and a third one in Croatia, how can you? And we haven’t yet figured out whether we take MM with us or not? If not, where does she go? If you ask someone to stay with her, you’re paying for their travels. What about L? Where does he go? That’s extra expenses for the kennel! Then flights, hotels, lunches, dinners, drinks, shopping, souvenirs… Oh and wait, a present for the Just Married couple! As if you haven’t done enough!

How much is the location of your wedding important to you? Would you rather get married somewhere nice where you have everyone you love with you, or somewhere nicer but with less people?

D and I have attended beautiful weddings abroad, where at least the bride or groom was from that abroad country, or have lived there or this city meant something to them on an emotional level. I once had a conversation with a bride to be, we were not invited to their wedding, but her and I were talking about destinations and she said “oh we’re getting married in Rome, it’s sooooo nice there!” and I said: “it is, have you been?” she says: “no not yet”… hmmmm okay. What is that?

When it was our time to decide, we chose both our countries, we had 2 receptions and if only we could have had a third one!

Wedding preparation was the most enjoyable time for me, stressful of course, especially that I had to plan everything from Dubai. But I remember it so well and I wish I could go back! I wouldn’t have changed a thing! Well maybe my bouquet, it was too heavy! (Pictured in this blog)

I learnt that the 3 most important things at a wedding are the bride’s dress, it shouldn’t be too heavy or too tight so you can dance woman! The bouquet, it should also be light so you don’t hurt someone when you throw it. And the photography and video teams, because they’re archiving your day!!

Everything else is details. Especially the food, whatever you serve, there’s always this ONE person who did not like it. As if weddings are there to please everyone’s palette. Just be happy for the couple, stop mentioning that steak and move on!

Every couple have every right to get married wherever they want, is it our problem we know too many people?

I have a feeling we’re not going to be invited to anyone’s wedding for a while!





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Betty says:

    I liked the fact that we featured in your story:)
    Lovely topic, important and very true.
    I guess it takes someone to be married to understand how heavy and crucial this topic is…
    I love the wittiness and little tiny jokes in the style of writing, it’s like you are sitting next to me ( ok or maybe Infront of me )and speaking out your thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sylvia Malikian says:

    Love your comments, because they are so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as your wedding is concerned, it was the most perfect wedding I have ever attended…. loved the dress, the food and the bouquet…. the whole thing was classy and romantic. In 10 years you should throw another party for the anniversary…. Will be there for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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