Chapter 5 {What Day?}

So it’s Fathers’ Day today here in the UK. As much as I’m happy to celebrate it with my husband and daughter and my in-laws; I wish my dad was here with us too! It’s not Fathers’ Day in Lebanon for another 2 days, so do I message him today, do I message him in 2 days? Or do I message everyday?

I believe that everyday is Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day and Remembrance Day and Cancer Survivor Day and Sister day and so on and so forth… I’m not sure we need a date to remember important things around us right?

The UK seems to be very organised when it comes to celebration days, for example, Fathers’ Day is always the third Sunday of June, Mothers’ Day is always the fourth Sunday in lent and so on… In Lebanon, we have dates… Whether it’s a Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday, it’s THE day… Something else I’m getting used to.

And they got these bank holidays too here; they’re usually on Mondays in the exception of Good Friday. It could be for any celebration even if it was in the middle of the week. You get a long weekend instead of a split week! I call this smart!

But we didn’t think properly when we registered our daughter at nursery! She goes 3 times a week and Mondays are one of them! I should have picked different days right?? We pay for all the bank holiday Mondays she misses! Not so smart!

You live you learn right?

In Lebanon, we have this saying about how someone or something can be in the middle of something else, only Lebanese would understand me here… We say “like a Wednesday in the middle of the week”, it doesn’t sound right or funny in English. But if you say that in Arabic, it rhymes, and it makes sense and sometimes given the circumstances, could be hilarious!

When I moved to Dubai, Wednesday was no longer in the middle of the week, Tuesday was, as their weekend is Fridays and Saturdays…

I’ve lived the biggest part of my life in a country where the weekend was Saturday and Sunday… We all looked forward to Friday because it was the last day of the week, the weekend was starting, it was FRIYAY!

I moved to Dubai, and Saturday nights were school nights… wrong right!

And now I’m back to Sundays being Sundays, and every single Sunday I think about texting my friends to Skype then remember they’re at work!

This is a little bit of the adjustment I’m going through at the moment, won’t be like that forever I know. I guess the more British I get the less weird this becomes!

Aren’t HOLIDAYS the best days of the week!?



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  1. Fi says:

    Ha! 5 years in Dubai and I still manage to get my Sundays and Mondays mixed up. Lovely post. Fx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Betty says:

    Entertaining article , fun to read and cool to digest .
    Thanks Aline for your input

    Liked by 1 person

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