Chapter 4 {That Occasional Cake}

With all the recent food discoveries and trends, such as cutting processed food completely, substituting flour with GF flour, white rice with brown rice, even brown rice with quinoa! etc and all for the sole reason of living healthy, I find myself overwhelmed with guilt every time I want to bake a cake. Because for me, a cake cannot have “substitution” ingredients. Okay, maybe you can make a cake with GF flour but you cannot make a cake without sugar, I mean come on!

I am for this life trend I must admit, and yes I do call it a trend because it is, and a good one. Our parents and their parents survived flour and sugar and rice and even smoked and they lived happily and aged quite well.

I rarely ever bake a cake at home, for many reasons. The main reason being the healthy/unhealthy part, and it’s only the 3 of us at home, it’s a waste of money and time and a gain of unnecessary pounds!

But this week England is celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday! And we’ve just moved here, so I owe this to her! Plus we have guests staying over, so we won’t be eating the cake alone. And you cannot have a cake at home without MM blowing some candles! It’s one of her favourite hobbies! It’s her birthday every time she sees a cake, at the supermarket, at some other kid’s birthday, etc…

I will be writing a lot about food and my thoughts on it because it plays such a big role in my life. I love eating and I love cooking. That’s why I think I can never follow a proper diet, because it clashes with my daily hobbies and interests. This is tough! Diets consist of very simple meals, and I don’t find that challenging to be honest. That’s why I am in constant discovery of combining interesting and healthy ingredients and making a simple dish stand out, or else where’s the fun in that!

There are general guidelines I follow though, you gotta have some rules or else all hell breaks loose! You don’t need fizzy drinks to make your meal stand out, so cut that out! And eat and drink with moderation, if you have pasta tonight, don’t have pasta for another week! There are other things to eat.

Now back to that cake!

What better cake to celebrate the Queen’s birthday than a Victoria Sponge Cake!


For the recipe, please check out the Food section and Bon Appetit!



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  1. Sylvia Malikian says:

    You are amazing! You make a toast look festive….

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