Chapter 1 {Prelude}

Alien’s Diaries

The funny thing is if you swap some of the letters in my name, it does read Alien.

My name is Aline, I come from Lebanon and after enduring over 7 years in Dubai and its scorching weather, I am now living in England, with my husband D, my daughter MM & our beloved dog L.

And this is Alien’s Diaries! (because never before have I felt more like an alien!)

We relocated here back in January, and I have been struggling with adapting to this new lifestyle on my many levels, and I thought I’m not only going to write about it (like my health coach advised), I am also going to share my stories, sometimes mini-stories with the world.

I am sure, someone out there is going through the same experiences and I would love to hear other opinions. For example, how to shop in the UK (don’t forget your shopping bags in the car), how to drive (on the other side), how to organise the house chores and take care of my family (while I had a live-in nanny/maid back in Dubai, yes fancy!), how to adapt to living like a stay-at-home mom (after working full time for over 14 years) etc…

I will also write about daily things in life, past experiences, future goals… because eventually I will get used to living here and the main purpose of this whole blog will be irrelevant!

Every time, it will be a different topic, a topic that I find funny, depressing, weird, etc but I will try to keep it interesting.

I will also share a lot of my recipes, recipes I’ve won hearts with! I take cooking very seriously, and even more so since I had MM!

I’ll try and keep it short every time, I hope I’ll be able to keep you entertained for a little while, because I don’t like long stories, in fact, I hate reading, and I won’t let you suffer either.

And last but definitely not least, bear with me as I haven’t done this before.

(Still searching for my “signature” signature)!



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